Hello, I'm Abi.


Welcome to perhaps the only UK lifestyle blog dedicated to bumbling through life, and being proud of it.

How would I describe me? Well, I'm a roller skating, dog loving, online marketer with a few tattoos and a love for 50s fashion. I live in North Wales with my husband, Chris, and our two spectacularly silly Jack Russells, Pepper and Rocket (my Instagram is 50% dog based thanks to them).

I have a First Class degree in English Literature and Theatre Studies. I like to say it makes me really good at making stuff up, which is essentially half my job, so go me. I've recently admitted to myself that I do love writing creatively when it's not 100% of my job, so my blog has come along as my outlet and you get to benefit.

In my unique, little way, I write about anything and everything that takes my fancy. But mostly I love films, 50s fashion, tattoos and figuring out how to look after myself better. I love a bargain too, so my makeup and style is affordable rather than aspirational. We can all make a £500 dress look spectacular, but can you rock Primarni without looking like your nana?

I'm a feminist that very much believes that you don't have to reject femininity, masculinity or anything in between to be part of the equality party. I also want dudes to get in on feminism, because this is everyone's fight and it's about more than gender. So I write plenty of things about that.

I hope you enjoy your time with me and my thoughts.

Abi xxx