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OOTD With JustFashionNow

OOTD With JustFashionNow

Anyone who knows me is aware that I have a rather diverse wardrobe. But I do have a pretty big soft spot for 50s fashions. I love circle skirts, and wiggle dresses, and all those shapes and structures that just seem to work with my body shape. 50s fashion can make me feel fun, girly, kitchy or sexy. It holds so many versions of confidence for me, so it makes sense that I often try to work it into my everyday wardrobe.

JustFashionNow offered my the chance to review one of their pieces of clothing and give my readers the opportunity to win something from their site. Pretty awesome, uh? But before I try to flog you that, I should probably show you it's worth your time.

Pinstripe Dungaree Circle Dress

Come on, look at it. It's freaking adorable, how could I not chose that one? 

Anyway, JustFashionNow are a one of those new breed of online fast-fashion stores that cut out the middle man and ship directly from China. That's not a slight against them, it's just a fact. And given 90% of the stuff in your home is made in China, buying directly from the source was only a matter of time.

The dress is well made and the material is a lovely cotton that's light but not see-through. The sizing does come up small, but again, that's no shock. I ordered a large and really I think I needed an extra large. I'm a UK size 12 to 14, so maybe this dress in a large is a true 12. But I honestly wouldn't worry too much, the size range is actually quite impressive on most products.

The sizing means the dress is a touch tight on the waist and my boobs don't quite fit in the top without rather a lot of side boob going on. I've remedied that by wearing a cropped white t-shirt with it. It does give the look a touch of The Wizard of Oz to it, but I kind of like the whimsy.

So, my verdict? Good quality, cute clothing but sized a touch small. Check your measurements before you buy and maybe even play it safe and size up too. That won't stop me from going back though.


JustFashionNow Giveaway

It seems unfair to go on and on about my super cute dress and not let you benefit, so I've teamed up with the team at JustFashionNow to give you guys the chance to win something from their store (don't worry, they'll cover shipping).

All you need to do is get on Facebook or Twitter and tell me your favourite item of clothing for the chance to win! Or you can comment below!

The contest will run until midnight on Friday 9th June. Winner will be picked at random.



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