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My Holiday to Gran Canaria: Part 2

My Holiday to Gran Canaria: Part 2

Back again to my wonderful holiday memories and we begin on day two of our road trip adventures - our early morning start and trip to Roque Nublo and end with a wild night at Yumbo.

Now I said in my other post that the roads in Gran Canaria are rather scary. For a moment, imagine how that might be multiplied when your destination for the day is the highest point on the island. Our trip actually took us up and around one other mountain before we got near our target peak. I found peace with the idea of my death that day.

Anyway, we nearly reached the proper car park for the trail but worried we'd missed a turn or something so actually added on an extra 10 minute walk from the car. I'd complain but the views were so beautiful I couldn't find the bad bit. Once we started on the actual trail we encountered some beautiful views that just got more and more spectacular the higher up we got. And we got up high.

The walk wasn't too bad but we knew the few idiots in flip flops we passed, 100% were not getting to the top. Anyway, once we reached the peak the wind was intense. But my god, it was worth it.  Just look at a handful of the photos we took.

Amy also managed to take my most favourite photo of me looking out over the valley below. If this isn't endorsement enough to spend a day away from the beach the next time you go to Gran Canaria, I really don't know what is.

top of roque nublo, gran canaria

So what do you do after what can only be described as "a beautiful moment at one with nature"? You got out dressed like the pink Power Ranger on her day off and have way too many strawberry daiquiris.

We took it a bit slower with the drinking this time which meant we had time to enjoy our drinks and take in a drag show at Ricky's. It did, however, descend into madness, with Amy spur-of-the-moment buying us VIP bands so we could hang out with Ken and Adrian, some brilliant guys Amy made friends with on the plane journey over.

We wandered around a bit more that night too. We had a peak in a sex shop, bought genital shaped soap and I got lost in the middle of a rave made up only only men on my way to the toilets. So a good night was had by all.

After that, we pretty much lay down and read books for the rest of the holiday. I think that was probably the best thing to do.

So, what's the verdict on my first girl'd holiday? Well, I reckon I'd love to do it all again, but will be much more wary about the strength of the booze when I'm abroad in future.

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