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Japanese Inspired Easter Truffles

Japanese Inspired Easter Truffles

I'm a chocoholic and will eat that sweet, sweet life-affirming food as much as I can and in as many forms as I can. This Easter weekend, I spent a bit of time pottering around my kitchen, getting messy, and making some weird and wonderful truffles with ingredients kindly supplied to me by Yutaka. Their aim to bring authentic, Japanese food into your home, but instead, I'm using their ingredients to make truffles, because why not? 

Making these truffles made me aware of how disorganised I am in the kitchen, which is why there are no photos of the Yuzu truffles - I made a big ol' mess of them even though they still tasted flipping lovely. Anyway, without further a do, let's get classy, messy and filled with chocolate.


The Flavours

Miso Caramel is a gorgeous mix of sweet and savoury. A must for those who love salted caramel.

Shaoxing Rice Wine is a surprisingly sweet but boozy truffle. For the adults only.

Wasabi Furikake is for those who love bitter dark chocolate and a touch of spice. Not for everyone.

Pickled Sushi Ginger is for those who like their sweetness with a tang.

Yuzu is for the citrus lover or those with an extra sweet tooth.

truffle ingredients


This makes approximately 30 - 36 good sized truffles. The flavours are strong so you can afford can make them smaller than you normally would.

  • 200g dark good quality chocolate
  • 60ml double cream
  • 80g unsalted butter
  • Truffle cases (I couldn't find any so used small cupcake cases)

Shaoxing rice wine flavouring

  • 2 tbs Shaoxing rice wine warmed
  • Vermicelli for coating (I couldn't find any so used ground walnuts and some mini merginues)

Wasabi Furikake flavouring

  • 2 tbs Yutaka Wasabi Furikake
  • Drinking chocolate for coating

Pickled Sushi Ginger flavouring

  • 2 tbs chopped Yutaka sushi ginger
  • Cocoa for coating

Yuzu flavouring

  • 2 tsp Yutaka Yuzu
  • 100g white chocolate - gently melted for coating

Miso Caramel Sauce Flavouring

  • 75g sugar
  • 25ml water
  • 50ml double cream
  • 1 tbs Yutaka Miso
  • 100g dark chocolate - gently melted for coating
  • Salt crystals for sprinkling on the top of the coating
yutaka ingredients


Firstly, make the basic truffle mix that will serve as the basis for your five different flavours - 

  1. In a glass bowl in a saucepan, pop the chocolate, butter and cream.
  2. Heat through slowly until smooth whilst whisking.
  3. Remove from the heat and divide into 5 portions.

Here's the method for the miso caramel sauce. You'll want to do this first or perhaps before making the basic mixture.

  1. Put sugar and water in a saucepan on a medium heat, stirring every so often until it turns a caramel colour.
  2. Take off the heat and gently whisk in the double cream (it will hiss and bubble but don't worry).
  3. Add the miso paste and continue to gently whisk until smooth.
  4. Add 2 tbs of miso caramel sauce to the remaining truffle mixture. Having made the sauce, I'd perhaps add one and see if you like the taste, building up to a total of 2tbs.

For the Shaoxing rice wine flavouring simply add 2tbs of the rice wine and mix.

For the Wasabi Furikake flavouring add 2tbs of the mixture. I would again start by adding 1tbs and see how you like the taste before adding more.

For the Pickled Sushi Ginger flavouring, drain off the ginger and chop finely adding to the truffle mixture bit by bit until you are happy with the flavour.

For the Yuzu flavouring simply add 2tsp to the truffle mix and stir.

Leave the truffle mixture to set in the fridge over night. If you have less time I would advise popping them in the freezer but don't let them go completely solid - a few hours will make them hard enough.

Wasabi Furikake truffles

Wasabi Furikake truffles

    The Finishing Touches

    Remove your truffle mixes from the fridge or freezer and gently scoop out the amount you want to work with, roll into balls, then it's time to coat them!

    Roll the ginger truffles in cocoa and place in truffle cases. Roll the Wasabi Furikake in drinking chocolate and the rice wine truffles in vermicelli, or your choosen alternative, and pop back in the fridge.

    For the Yuzu flavour truffles, melt the white chocolate over a low heat and, when removed from the heat & cooled slightly, spoon over until coated. You can use a cocktail stick to help you turn and coat with the chocolate. This is where I failed as the chocolate was too hot and the mixture not set enough - don't be like me!

    Finally, melt the dark chocolate and coat the Miso caramel truffles as above. Sprinkle a very small pinch of salt crystals on the top.

    Shaoxing rice wine truffles in improved coating of ground walnut and mini meringues

    Shaoxing rice wine truffles in improved coating of ground walnut and mini meringues

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