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An Astronomical Anniversary Gift & Giveaway

An Astronomical Anniversary Gift & Giveaway

Today is mine and Chris' first wedding anniversary. Hurrah for us! We made it a year and haven't killed each other!

We spoke about anniversary gifts leading up to it and agreed to get each other something, but about a week before we both kind of gave up trying and decided not to. Neither of us want anything. We do Christmas and birthday's but not Valentine's or any other couple-y milestones, so it figure's we'd forget about gifts for an anniversary. 

Now, some context, I'm a bit of a space nerd - I love astronomy documentaries, I'm a bit in love with Professor Brian Cox (like half the world, can I get an amen?), and I've watched way too many sci-fi films set in distant galaxies for anyone's comfort. Also, when I get super stressed or overwhelmed I like to imagine how small I am in the context of the universe, it's oddly calming. Basically, space is the bee knees. So when I found out I could name a freaking star, I got a bit excited.

An Anniversary Gift For The Couple Who Don't Do Gifts

I actually got sent this to review, but the package I got allowed me to pick a name, a special date (wedding day, duh), a constellation, a personalised message, and how it would be presented when sent. That's the Extra Bright Star Gift Set from Star Name Registry. And I'm super happy with it!

It's suits us so well as a couple, a combination of something meaningful in a gesture that shows thought rather than something to throw a wad of cash at. Chris and I have always given each other Christmas cards and Valentine's cards with messages in, taking the time to find one we know the other will like and taking sometime over the words. This gift is the perfect anniversary celebration for the two of us for it's thoughtfulness and simplicity.

We've each given each other cards over the years with a phrase that feels special to us (even though, yes, it's well known enough to be on a card), it's "I love you to the moon and back". It's from a children's book called Guess How Much I Love You, but that isn't where we found it. It's just sneaked in over time from general life. 

The Nitty Gritty Details

The package came in a lovely silver box and arrived very quickly. It was protected by bubble wrap and said 'fragile' on it but I guess the Post Office didn't really care too much because there were a few dents. No issue to me, but something to be aware of.

In the box you get a thank you card, a letter explaining your gift, an A5 slip explaining star brightness and binary stars, a sky atlas showing you the layout of the constellations, their names and other cool star facts, and finally, the star name certificate. They also include little added extras of a bright blue tissue paper bed it all sits in and two lovely fake roses.

Full star naming gift set

Full star naming gift set

The certificate itself comes in a silver frame with all the details you provided and you can tell there's care and professionalism in how it's presented. I like the seal and that there's right ascension and declination provided on the certificate so you can grab a telescope and go find it. Or, as I did, you can go to star-registery.org and type in your reference number which will then take you to Google Sky and the teeny, tiny area where your star is located. I thoroughly recommend zooming out to see the bigger picture of where your star is - it's beautiful.

All said, I'm really happy with this gift and it'll sit in our house with pride. However, I have one little issue - I was asked for a quote but not given a character limit, of which there obviously is one as the quote is cut short on the certificate. It still makes some sense and isn't particularly obvious in the layout so I'm not too fussed, but make sure you keep your message at about 70 characters to avoid disappointment.

Win A Star Registry Gift Set

Fallen in love with the idea of leaving your mark on a part of the distant universe? Well I've got a competition for you!

I'll be posting on Facebook and Twitter with very easy and simple instructions for how to win (we're talking a share or retweet guys, easy). The competition will run from 8am on Saturday 8th April until 8pm on Saturday 15th April. Winner will be picked at random and notified. I'll then ask for some details to send through to the company who will sort you out with your amazing prize. Any questions or concerns, just get in touch with me.

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