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Build A Positive Mindset For A Weight Loss Plateau

Build A Positive Mindset For A Weight Loss Plateau

I joined Slimming World last year and I’ve officially been doing to for, well, months. How much weight have I lost in that time? 5.5lbs. Yeah, I’m not impressed either. With each passing week I’m a little more frustrated and it’s hard not to turn that inwards, so in the spirit of body positive dieting (yes, I do believe this can be a thing with the right mindset), here are the ways that I face down the demons that tell me I’m failing.


Celebrate What Has Been Achieved

This is an obvious but inescapable truth. I still lost weight, I’m not heavier than when I started. Just because it’s not a big victory, doesn’t mean it isn’t one. We get so caught up in the stories of people losing 7 stone in 6 months (this is real, my husband did it a few years ago) that we forget the small achievements. I’ve put the effort in, even if it’s been sporadic, I’ve cared for myself and that deserves a high five.

Our bodies aren’t designed to lose weight, we’re designed to maintain or gain it. It’s a survival mechanism that doesn’t sit well in our modern lives. We’re fighting against biology, to a certain extent, in order to live healthier lives. But you know what else I’m doing? I’m properly back playing roller derby for the first time in about a year and a half. My body feels stronger and more powerful if more bruised. If you’re changing in other, good ways too, remind yourself of that achievement as well.


Be Honest

When I gained another half pound this week, I was pretty upset. I didn’t think I deserved it, I’d had a stressful and busy week, and instead of lying on the sofa with a family size bar of chocolate for several nights this week, I ate yoghurt instead. A lot of yoghurt. Too much yoghurt. I might be part yoghurt, part human. Who knows?

Anyway, When I looked back and realised that I hadn’t been honest with myself when I stepped on the scales made the upset go away. I wasn’t the little angel I needed to be to lose that weight, but I had looked after myself way better than I have in the past. So victory for Abi. High fives all round.


Gain Some Perspective

Am I really a disgusting slob for a small weight gain? Am I a horrendous, evil person for eating too much yoghurt? Do I really deserve to be thrown into the bowels of hell for the cookie dough I ate on Thursday? No. Nope. Nuh-uh.

It’s crazy that I have to face down my own brain telling me I’m worthless because of how much I weight. I’d never degrade someone else for their body, why do I allow myself? I shut down these thought as best I can with logic and some supportive words from my husband - whatever it takes to make me get back on solid ground again.


Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself

Whenever I feel upset or down about losing weight, I always ask myself if it’s something I want to do, and if it’s something I can fit into my life right now. If I have no space for it, if I don’t give it the mindfulness it deserves, it becomes a drain and a negative. Checking in with how I feel about the process and if I think it’s worth my focus right now keeps me from spiralling into deep dark depths that do not help me become healthy physically or mentally.

How do you stay positive when it comes to weight loss? Do you believe you can diet in a positive way with getting caught up with all the learnt bad habits? Let me know what you think.

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