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A Weekend In London

A Weekend In London

Phew. Well it has been a busy few weeks fro me and my lovely little blog has been somewhat neglected in favour of being out in the world living life. Gross, right? But instead of being the lonely little internet explorer I'm happy to be, I'm going to tell you about mine and Chris' trip to London.

We went last week, driving down on Friday evening to a friend's flat in Uxbridge. Which it turns out, feels just little a normal small town and not another crazy busy piece of London. Forgive my naivety about this, my main experiences of London have been in the crushing business of the centre of the city and rarely further out than zone 3. So the pretty buildings and Costa where you could actually sit down were somewhat of a novelty to my Northerner self.

We were going down to London to watch Jonathon Pie live at the London Palladium. So we spent the entirety of Saturday wandering around London. First stop - the Science Museum. I love space and learning stuff and playing with buttons, so this was pretty much heaven.

I don't take many photos but took a handful at the museum in between touching everything I could and being excited about how massive the universe is.

We ate at an amazing burger restaurant called Big Fernand where all of the staff wear flat caps and flannel shirts and are also apparently all French. The burger was incredible and I took no pictures because I'd eaten it before I'd even thought about it. But to quell your curiousity, here's a photo of their own.

Then we went to the show about an hour early because despite being in London we couldn't find anything we wanted to do. By this point we'd been walking round for maybe five or six hours so our feet hurt and we were a touch grumpy, but we were still in mostly good moods. I'd never been to the Palladium before and was pleasantly surprised by it. I suppose I was expecting somewhere smaller and less beautiful, and I'm glad I was wrong.

The show itself was exactly what I'd hoped it to be. When it started there was a slight feeling of left-wing self-congratulations in the laughter and applause which I didn't like. The audience was mainly white, semi-affluent and basically all lefties so I really worried about it being a Labour wank-fest. I am so very glad I was wrong.

For those of you who don't know, the character Jonathon Pie is a mad, sad, apparently failing reporter who rants at the camera about British politics, tearing down the facades and telling people what they should hear but likely won't. He does this to everyone, the Tories, Labour, the Lib Dems, The Greens - all of them. I found him on YouTube and I guarantee that he's worth a watch. If you're a full-on Conservative supporter, you'll probably hate it though.

As the show progressed the rants obviously increased in length and amount of yelling. There's something rather nice about seeing someone scream and yell coherently about all the things that drive you mad about politics. I also love a comedian who has the ability to abuse their audience but still have them in the palm of their hand. The show ended on a rant that I felt took the audience to the edge of "is this even a joke anymore" and then left us, uneasy, applauding a man in an ill-fitting panda costume.

My one dislike of Jonathon Pie is the attacks on Theresa May's appearance. No male politician ever gets that type of attack, at least not for such an extended amount of time. I hate the fall back of insulting a female by going for her appearance - it's weak and predictable. In the context of the show I suppose it fit, but it's that layer of sexism that still exists everywhere that I'm uncomfortable about.

Anyway, after the show we spent about an hour on the train getting back to the flat where I promptly fell asleep, absolutely knackered from twelve hours of walking round London. Still, we got this cute selfie together, proving that Chris and I are real and do actually bother to pick up a camera now and again.


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