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My First Tattoo Show

My First Tattoo Show

I know, I know, I'm writing about tattoos again. And there's likely to another later this week with my half sleeve getting underway. I love tattoos and I'm currently immersed in them so what do you expect?

This Sunday, on the spur of the moment, I decided to go to Tattoo Freeze. It's in Telford and hosts some incredible talent from all over the UK, but mainly gives a platform to those in the midlands. Any style you could possibly want is represented, as well as piercing and alternative clothing lines. 

After a rather long journey to the venue, where I dealt with feeling car sick nearly the entire time, we arrived to a very big conference centre that hosted not only tattoo artists, but food stalls, some fun fair rides and a whole lotta roller derby. The derby is one of the main reasons we went - it's not often that events put on games but it was unarguably the perfect coming together of two worlds. A lot of roller derby players are attracted to the sense of rebellion you feel being a woman how plays a full contact sport. It's part of the core of the sport, which is why you see a lot of piercings, tattoos and multi-coloured hair on a derby team. And nurses. So many nurses...

We caught most of two games over the course of the day and spent the rest of the time wandering around or getting tattooed. Yes, artists often do walk ups on portfolio pieces at conventions. Others book in someone to tattoo for the day (it's a show of skill and endurance in some cases), it's up to the artist. Out of the group of four I was with, 3 got tattoos on Sunday - including me.

Mine's in the middle there (hairy leg and all)  by an artist called Kat Worrall whose work I stared at until I admitted that I wanted one of her pieces. And lucky old me, she had spaces that afternoon.

After having that cute diamond I admit I felt compelled to get something else, but I have made a deal with myself not to spend too long on her Instagram so I avoid travelling Oldham in the near future. This one took about an hour because of the full colour, and was totally worth it. 

My friends ended up with some beautiful little pieces. It was a first tattoo for one of them as well! She took it like a champ.

origami watercolour tattoo
black linework rose tattoo

My tattoo swelled up rather more than I was expecting so I was unable to skate on Monday evening, but the tenderness and size seem to have gone down quite quickly so it won't take long to heal. Tattoos on ankles and feet really do tend to do the whole swelling thing - bear that in mind if you're considering one.

Tattoo Freeze was an amazing place or me to be. While a lot of people have tattoos, not many have more than one or two small to medium ones (I'm talking about people outside roller derby - those biatches are inked), making me the odd one when, in fact, I'm not very heavily tattooed at all. But at a tattoo convention? I'm just a newb with teeny, tiny bit of ink and I actually loved that. I seriously had the opportunity to appreciate the talent of a lot of artists, got to see people of all ages, shapes and sizes rock the hell out of some amazing ink, and immerse myself in something I think about a lot.

I'll definitely go to more, but next time I either won't take any money or go prepared with loads to get something breathtaking.

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