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The Lazy Girl's Guide To 50s Fashion

The Lazy Girl's Guide To 50s Fashion

I want to be a 50s bombshell. I want luscious, sleek waves in my hair, the perfect cat eye and a full red lip that will make the world swoon.

But I am super lazy. I like a lie in, I want to get ready to go out in less than an hour and when I do go out I don't want to worry about damaging my perfect look. So I've spent pretty much my whole adult life figuring out how to get a 50s vibe without being an absolute slave to my wardrobe and or my makeup bag.

I want to help my fellow lazy, retro vixens so I've (not-so-lazily) thrown together my three top tips for bringing a little vintage into your life without losing precious hours of living.

1. Add A Key Vintage Piece

It's the first because it's the easiest. If you're a retro fan you've got at least one top, dress, shoe or bag that has your favourite vintage vibe. But my guess is it gets saved for "occasions". You know, birthdays, weddings, fancy meals. The sort of thing that happens rarely. I say, grab that cute top and sling it on with some jeans and some flats. Pop on the dress and make it work-ready with a cardigan. You don't have to go all out, add a hint; its easier and more wearable for everyday.

2. Throw On Some Red Lips


An absolute staple of glamour. If you haven't learnt, grab a lip-liner and a red lippie and paint on that smile. I'm not going to tell you how, there are makeup goddesses operating on YouTube that will change your life. I am simply going to direct your attention to them. 

I will, however, give you some lazy girl suggestions - 

  • Use lip stain - for a long-lasting hint of red, that you won't need to touch up, invest in a decent lip stain. I use Stiff Upper Lip Stain by Younique, it's not badly priced and lasts ages. Just make sure you pop some balm on top as stains can be drying.
  • Always use a liner with lipstick - it's worth it. Helps get the right shape and means it doesn't bleed. Seems like a hassle but just do it.
  • Use liquid lipstick - I love NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Liquid Lipsticks. It may not seem it but they are easier to apply. The applicators are more precise than a stick and the finish is amazing.
Irregular Choice Shoes

3. Invest In Cute, Low Heels

Now, if you're reading this then you're a fellow lazy girl, and that means you more than likely hate high heels. I couldn't agree more. They're only good for occasions where you're sat the whole time and have to face a maximum of 15 minutes walking every 2 hours.

So get low or mid-heels. There are several brands that do them but they're not common. I've found Irregular Choice low heels to be incredibly comfortable but they're not cheap. I bought some for my wedding and I don't regret them for a second. When you find a cute shoe with a small heel, buy that beauty because you'll always mourn the comfortable heel you turned down. 

So, there we have it my fellow sleepy vixens - it doesn't take much. Vintage doesn't have to be a labour of love. It can be a fun few minutes before you leave the house that leave you feeling extra sparkly. Wear what you want as long as you feel like a goddess.  

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