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My First Sugarpill Makeup

My First Sugarpill Makeup

Before I even start, I have never done a paid-for or freebie review post, so this most certainly is not one. I spent way too much of my own money on these two makeup items, and I think I'm using blogging to justify my spontaneous purchases. 

I follow Sugarpill on Instagram and got obsessed with their Trinket liquid lipstick, probably like half of the world. And also fell in love with their gorgeous gold eyeshadow, Money Maker. I bought both and have never been so excited for some makeup to come. 

First up, the box it cam in was super cute, and I would have shown you the branded outer but it was shipped internationally so got pretty bashed about. Everything was padded well so everything was in perfect condition. As you can see from the top image their branding game is strong. That Pumpkin Spice card made me instantly want to log on their site and buy the eyeshadow - look at it! Such a beautiful bronze with a shimmer to die for. 

The individual packaging is brilliant as well. I love the sparkly sheen and the baby blue and pink theme is all over them.

Sugarpill Trinket and Money Maker
Money Maker eyeshadow
Trinket liquid lipstick

Getting to the makeup itself, I'm ill so there's no way any of this super awesome makeup is going on my face. I cannot do it justice with a snotty mug. The two images below are before I used them at all and there is no alterations on colour or nothin'. How pretty are they?

Sugarpill eyshadow
Sugarpill Trinket

And finally, I swatched! I've never swatched before so it looks messy AF. I also have suuuuuper hairy arms so a forearm swatch is out because no one wears lippie or eyeshadow on fur.

Anyway, Trinket lippie smells super good. It might be a little too strong in my opinion because wearing it I could sort of taste it when breathing, but I have a very sensitive sense of smell so it might not be so bad for other people. It's a semi-nude sort of colour, on me at least, and has golden sparkles! This is what drew me in with this in the first place, and once it dries a little the glint is subtle but beautiful.

The consistency is smooth and it's surprisingly light. I usually go for NYX liquid lippies so I guess I'm finding out why people spend more than £6.50 on lipsticks sometimes. The applicator is shaped as well making application easy. I'm pretty much in love.

The eyeshadow is equally amazing. It's got a slightly green undertone which I really like because it really makes it look gold gold. It's really pigmented and shiny, I don't even know how they've managed that. It goes on smooth and easy with a little bit of fall out, but that could have been my clumsiness with a brush.

Swatch of Trinket and Money Maker

I'm pretty much in love with Sugarpill after these two pieces and will no doubt get more in the future. Do you have any brands I should be trying out?

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