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Saturday Shopping Haul

Saturday Shopping Haul

I love wandering around the shops. I'm someone who does actually quite enjoy shopping alone, I guess I don't worry about holding someone else up or wasting their time if I 'umm' and 'ahh' over something just to balk at the last minute. Today I had one of those shopping days where I got carried away with one particular item - jumpers!

I bought three lovely, cosy bargains to see me through December. And no, none of them are Christmas jumpers because I was very disappointed with the offerings. Now, I did this post in a rush because organisation is a mystery to me, so the photos are dodgy. Forgive me!

Primark MTV sweater

The MTV sweater was on sale for £5 in Primark and it's well worth it. It's soft and cosy and has a good fit. The arms are quite tight and the body isn't fitted but it isn't stupidly baggy either. And you'll be glad to know that it's not cropped either, so sits perfectly on your hips.

Primark silver jumper and New Look purple jumper

 I took photos of these two jumpers together because I thought the colours really complimented each other. Unfortunately due to my camera being my phone and the lighting being a bedroom lamp, you don't get the full effect.

Anyway, the silver jumper is Primark discounted, £8 from £10, and is metallic with loads of colours running through it. It's gorgeous. It's a standard kind of fit apart from the length - it's super long. Probably great with leggings.

The purple jumper is from New Look and they seem to be doing some kind of sales bonanza because nearly everything had money off, including this beauty, It was £9.99 down from 19.99, so I'm damn happy. It's a ribbed, funnel neck style and the material is so soft. It's the best feeling of the three I bought but that's no surprise. I've got quite a round face so normally stay away from high necks, but I've lost weight recently and decided to break my personal style rules. Glad I did because this looks awesome.

New Look chokers and nail varnish

Finally, I bought a few accessories, because how could I not? I saved on these too! The chokers were 25% off and the woman at the till forgot to scan the nail varnish so that was brilliantly free.

The tattoo choker is something I've been avoiding but have wanted to wear. I remember wearing them as a child so it felt odd to see them back in shops, but I tried it on and didn't look like a dick so decided £1.50 was worth it. The other set is faux leather and a chain and pearl combo. Just yes to these, they are so me I couldn't leave them behind.

The free nail varnish is sparkly and reminds me of a petrol slick on wet ground. It's got that colour changing sparkle to it. I can't wait to try it.

Anyone else go a bit mad on sale things today?

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