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Christmas Hampers: Cheap And Easy Gifts For Anyone

Christmas Hampers: Cheap And Easy Gifts For Anyone

I'm going to start off with a warning - Gareth, this is your Christmas present, so if you care about any of it being a surprise then don't read on. If you do it's your own problem.

Here's a photo of some delicious Christmas-y treats to give you the chance to walk away, Gareth. Scroll at your own risk...



Back to the point of the post - hampers are a great gift but often if you decide to buy them ready made they cost a fortune for very little. Especially for branded stuff. But what are you paying for that makes mini versions of their stuff more expensive? Variety and presentation are the main culprits. Instead, make you own!

I love making Christmas hampers. I mainly make food ones but you can make them for anything you fancy, from makeup to meat. I go for long-lasting Christmas food because it's easy to come by and you can gather your supplies from anywhere. I'm going to talk you through a basic hamper I made for my brother.

Firstly, I decide who it's for and secondly, how much I want to spend. For my brother, I went for a budget of £25 because that's about what I've spent on other family members. He's not a major brand person so I went for quantity over a recognisable name. I went to Aldi because of this, and even if someone does like brands, it's hard to turn down good looking Christmas food from a company you don't know. For non-branded food that's not plastered with a company's name, I'd always choose Aldi or Lidl over Asda, Sainsbury's or Tesco. They like to put their name on everything and sometimes it feels a little too much like you've gone budget because of it.

Aldi shopping list

Here's my shopping list with a grand total of £20.94 (blanked out bits are general food shopping). You can see just how many items you can pick up for £21, including a bottle of chocolate Irish Cream - absolute bargain.

Not included in this was a basket, the crepe paper, the ribbons or tag. These additional items take the total to approximately £26.50. But only if you include the tag and ribbon I've been using in all of my wrapping this year.

Below is my hamper haul.

Aldi hamper food

The brilliant thing about hampers is shopping around for them. You can find brilliant stuff in pound shops, on offer on the high street, on sale online, or from any number of cut-price shops. If you're doing several, buy multipacks or nice bags to split bits into.

A few tips when it comes to baskets - 

  • Get it a bit bigger than you think because you can pad it out with tissue paper
  • Get one with handles. How will you get it to their house otherwise?
  • Make sure it's deep. Again, you can pad it out if you need

A few tips when it comes to arranging your basket - 

  • Pick one side that will be the front.
  • Lay tissue paper in first and have loads of overhang on it
  • Start at the back and with the biggest items
  • Try to arrange in a fan shape

You don't have to use tissue paper at all if you don't fancy. Or  you can go for the shredded stuff and make a bed fro everything to lie in. I go for sheets because it tend to stuff the baskets then use the tissue to fill gaps and make it look more finished.

For finishing touches I only go for a bit of ribbon and a tag, That way things can be grabbed straight away or poked at by a happy recipient. Stick on bows are an easy alternative as well.

To take this whole thing to the next level, you can using cellophane and wrap the entire thing, adding bows and ribbon curls to the top. I've not done this yet myself because I know my relatives would rather sneak some chocolate out before Christmas day, but it's an aim for my ultimate hamper.

Here's my finished gift. My photos never do anything justice, but I'd be pretty happy if someone made me a personalised hamper. Why not take a chance and an hour to make your own gift hampers this year? 

Finished Christmas Hamper
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