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Jigsaw Puzzles: Vintage Relaxation

Jigsaw Puzzles: Vintage Relaxation

How else would you describe sitting down and doing a puzzle? It's hardly new, and like a lot of childhood activities it's getting a bit of a revival.

I found a puzzle in a charity shop called Thomas J. Filsinger's Celestial Planisphere. I bought it because it was glow in the dark and was about the stars. I always loved stuff to do with astronomy when I was a child and I thought it'd look cool finished, framed and somewhere in my house. Thus I set about a 1,000 piece puzzle when I hadn't properly puzzled in years. I thought I get bored, but lo' and behold, I'm a while in and flipping loving it!

Doing a puzzle is one of very few activities in my life where I'm not looking at a screen. Even reading is digital now with my Kindle, so it's a stark contrast. I've found that it has the same kind of relaxing meditative effect that colouring in  has for many people. I don't quite have the patience for that, I think I want results too fast and that sort of makes the meditative tedium a little elusive.

Anyway, during my puzzling time when I wasn't loudly saying "they call me The Puzzler" to my husband, I realised just how awesome my analogue, alone-time is. I am now on an Ebay mission to find old abandoned puzzles that seem like fun, because if you're going to call a hobby 'vintage' you'd better commit.

To entice you into my world of puzzles, here are the top 3 that I've found. They might be uniquely strange, but tell me you wouldn't want to get in a few hours with these beauties:

Goddess Of The Wolves By Ravensburger

Sold by Babylon Puzzles

Look at the tiny wold pup, and the smiling wolf. It's so bad and so good all at once.


Neon Solar System by Educa


Phwoar. Look at those colourful planets. Such glorious spheres as only you can puzzle back together.


Clemens Habicht's 500 Colours

Sold by Lamington Drive

Now that is both terrifying and sexy as hell. Talk about the ultimate jigsaw.

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