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Clean Eating Day 7: Pork, Berries & Rye Bread

Clean Eating Day 7: Pork, Berries & Rye Bread

Wowee, what a week. Initially I had thought I'd write a blog everyday, but then I remembered that I'm a bit busy and very lazy, and thus everyday became once every few days. No biggie - who wants to know what I'm eating every single day? I'm not catering for them (hahaha, pun), I'm doing it for me.

I'm going to start with an Abi Smoothie. As in, I made up a smoothie and it was really good.

Hark, a recipe -

Abi Berry Smoothie

300ml Unsweetened Soy Milk

100g (or maybe a little more) Frozen Mixed Berries

25g Oats

1tbsp Honey

1tbsp Whole-nut Peanut Butter

And then blend, baby, blend.

The large amount of honey is to sweeten the berries; I've been having them for a while and you do need to take the bitter, tart edge off. I loved my spur of the moment smoothie because the frozen berries made it seem like a proper treat.

My next meal of the week is something I proudly posted to Instagram - Eggs and avocado on rye bread.

Warm the rye bread, or toast it if you fancy.

Poach the eggs.

Smush the avocado in a bowl with some salt and pepper, and a touch of lime if you fancy. A very yummy breakfast or lunch.

I do admit that I've been struggling with dinners but I found a fantastic recipe for pulled pork from a site called The Kitchen Shed. The marinade is super easy to make and it's a slow cooker recipe, meaning I left it on while I was at work and came home to the best smell and a tender, flavourful pot-full.

With my recipe I used some homemade crab apple jam instead of the suggested St Dalfour jam, because as much as I like clean eating I've also still got food I can't afford to throw away.

Other than the major emphasis on kind of expensive brands (see the jam above, £1.99 for 284g), I found her site very helpful for someone just starting out with this change in eating.

And finally, we come to some kickass Banana Nut Cookies, also from the Kitchen Shed, which are a must have for a sweet tooth. They're described as breakfast cookies but I am of the opinion they're great for a snack if you're like me and seem to be constantly hungry.

Banana Nut Cookies (makes 8)

2 Ripe Medium Bananas

1tsp Vanilla Essence/Extract

80g Rolled Oats

60g Chopped Mixed Nuts

1tsp Cinnamon

Pop the oven on 200 degrees and get that mother hot.

Mash the bananas, add the vanilla, then mix in all the other ingredients.

Make into a cookie shape (aka a flattened ball).

Cook for 15 minutes then leave to cool.

I won't tell you when I had naughties, but suffice to say, they felt like treats and I regret nothing!

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