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Clean Eating Day 1: Figuring It Out & Blender

Clean Eating Day 1: Figuring It Out & Blender

This weekend I ate cake, pizza, a McDonalds and various shop bought snacks. There's was also home-made chocolate cake. And few Gin 'n' Slims. And a JagerBomb that I rather regret. Yet today I began a completely different approach to eating that included no artificial sweeteners and buying a blender. Let me tell you how I got here.

Let's start off with some straight talk: I love food and I've always had a relationship with it. It's more than energy, it's comfort, celebration, sorrow, nights out, days in. It's everywhere and in everything I do, so I tend to want what I want.And therein lies the delicious problem.

You can't eat like that and stay healthy so I go on health kicks or diets. However many times I embark on a change to my eating there's a huge element of focussing on diet this or that. Remember to not eat too much of this, get the fat-free, no added sugar, least calorific version of every food and you'll be great. Until I want the stuff with all the fat and sugar and calories and then the "healthy" eating is doomed.

So, here I am, with a history of bad eating, bad dieting and bad food, remembering my weekend with a tummy ache and finding it difficult to figure out how I got there. Essentially wallowing in what feels like pit of pizza grease and chocolate cake crumbs.

Until I remember seeing a post by someone from university (you can find her cool little blog here) talking about Clean Eating.

What's Clean Eating? Well, I'm actually trying to figure that out. The basic gist is that you avoid refined foods, additives, preservatives and anything that's had lots removed or added to make it what it is. I see it as simplifying my food, which is a nice thought.

My main aim is to give up artificial sweeteners. I'm not freaking out over cancer causing rumours (debunked, by the way), tales of illness (I'm not ill) or the theory of your body thinking it's getting sugar but going crazy because it thinks it has. Blah blah blah no. I'm giving them up because I can't remember never having them. I don't know a time when I picked up a normal yoghurt, had a regular Coke or put sugar in something without horrendous guilt. Even if I have the sugar-free version I just go and eat a ton of chocolate anyway so what's the point?

I'm going to find out what cutting out artificial sweeteners is like. I'm going to cut out as much overly processed, refined foods as I can. And I'm bringing you with me.

Buckle up, we're going on an adventure.



Day 1: Today I woke up with passion for food, and clean food at that. I started the day with porridge oats made with hot water, frozen mixed berries, honey and a dash of cinnamon. And damn did I feel good about that.

A quick trip the the shop yielded a small salad, chicken breast, grapes aaaaaand.... Salad Cream. I saw this on a list of "forbidden" foods but I'm not in a cult so I said "screw it" and shelled out 89p. I'd already tucked away a banana in my bag so work was all set for Clean Eating Abi and her contraband dressing.

Dinner was what really made me feel inspired by the changes I was focussing on. We had turkey mince meatballs with wholegrain spaghetti, carrot spaghetti, and a passata based sauce. It was fricking awesome and I have leftovers for my lunch.

Truly enamored by the yums I'd eaten, Chris and I went shopping to stock up for week which led to a wonderful evening snack of 2 oat cakes and a rice cake with wholegrain peanut butter and honey on. I accompanied it with a Twinings Salted Caramel green tea. The shopping trip ended with me buying a blender because I really want a smoothie for breakfast - more on that tomorrow.

Clean Eating Day 2: Cauliflower & Smoothies

Clean Eating Day 2: Cauliflower & Smoothies

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